Fellowship Award Winners

Here at Adobe Research we create innovative technologies for our software products to better serve consumers, creative professionals, developers, and enterprises. We bring together the smartest, most driven people we can find, and we allow them the freedom to nurture their intellectual curiosity, while providing them with the necessary resources, support and freedom to shape their ideas into tangible results.

Collaboration with the academic community plays a fundamental role in this process. Our research model blends our goal for business impact and our desire to collaborate with researchers outside of Adobe. Our lab maintains collaborations with well over fifty university partners, both students and faculty. Each researcher hosts several interns a year, giving them the opportunity to build the next generation of tools to support creatives. Our work is published in peer-reviewed conferences and journals, ensuring that the impact of our research goes well beyond Adobe and into the research community at large.

As a next natural step in supporting this ongoing relationship Adobe created the Research Fellowship program to recognize outstanding graduate students anywhere in the world carrying out exceptional research in areas of computer science important to Adobe.

2019 Fellows

David Ledo, University of Calgary

Chandrakana Nandi, University of Washington

Linh Tran, Imperial College London

Huaizu Jiang, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Rahul Arora, University of Toronto

Ruohan Gao, The University of Texas at Austin

Sebastian Gehrmann, Harvard University

Shuang Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Xun Huang, Cornell University

Yixin Hu, New York University

Zexiang Xu, University of California, San Diego


2018 Fellows

Abhishek Das, Georgia Institute of Technology

Deepali Aneja, University of Washington

Eric Whitmire, University of Washington

Haijun Xia, University of Toronto

Jeeeun Kim, University of Colorado Boulder

Kazem Cheshmi, Rutgers University

Patsorn Sangkloy, Georgia Institute of Technology

Xinchen Yan, University of Michigan

Yijun Li, University of California, Merced

Zhongshi Jiang, New York University


2017 Fellows

Dingzeyu Li, Columbia University

Fujun Luan, Cornell University

Francisca T Gil-Ureta, New York University

Mackenzie Leake, Stanford University

Richard Zhang, UC Berkeley

Lingyu Wei, University of Southern California

Ailie Fraser, UC San Diego

Lisa Anne Hendricks, UC Berkeley


2017 Honorable Mention Winners

Ana Serrano, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain

Michael Rivera, Carnegie Mellon Univsersity


2016 Fellows

Chris De Paoli, University of Toronto

Dustin Tran, Columbia University

Fredrik Kjolstad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gierad Laput, Carnegie Mellon University

Jiajun Wu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Julian Michael, University of Washington

Leon Gatys, University of Tuebingen

Pavel Panchekha, University of Washington

Xiang Anthony Chen, Carnegie Mellon University

Zoya Bylinski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Congratulations to all! We are delighted to support the ongoing work of this next generation of Computer Science researchers and look forward to their future contributions.