Sunil Hadap

Principal Scientist

Creative Intelligence Lab, San Jose

In addition to his own research contribution, Sunil manages a small research group in Adobe’s Advanced Technology Labs (ATL).

His team focuses on the use of high-performance computing, available in desktops and notebooks (and tablets), to develop design paradigms and user experiences of the future.

Some specific topics that the group focuses on are:

  • Animation — Inverse Kinematics, Skinning, Articulated Rigid Bodies
  • Simulation — Fluid Simulation, Viscoelastic Lattice-Boltzmann Simulation for Oil Paint, Rigid Bodies, Deformable Models & Cloth, Physically Based Curve Design
  • Computational Imaging — PDEs for Image Enhancement, Super-resolution, Inverse Problems in Image Processing, Deblurring and Defocus, Depth from Defocus, Lighting Estimation, Intrinsic Images, Shape from Shading, Image Relighting
  • Multi-CPU and GPU computations, Parallel Algorithms, Scheduling and Cache Performance

The research included 9 research internships, 6 university collaborations, 3 PhD topics. Product groups have shown a keen interest in these technologies. Initiatives such as image relighting, intrinsic images and shape estimation push the boundaries of computational imaging and are poised to revolutionize aspects of digital photography and content creation.

Under his leadership, consultation & mentoring, and through my direct research contribution, he shipped the following flagship product features

  • Graphics Math Library (GML), a SSE optimized small vector-matrix-quaternion library, CS4, CS5
  • Inverse Kinematics and Skinning, Flash Pro CS4
  • Physics for Flash, Flash Pro CS5
  • Bristle Brush, realistic simulation of artist’s brush on canvas, Photoshop & Illustrator CS5

You must have wondered how they did the hair in “Shrek The Third”, the foliage in “Madagascar”, and recently hair in “How to Train Your Dragon”. Before joining Adobe, he worked at PDI/DreamWorks for four years (2003-2006) developing some cool special effects and character dynamics technologies — strand & hair dynamics, rigid bodies, particles and fluids.

He finished his PhD from MIRALab, University of Geneva in 2003.


  1. Organizer– “Strands and Hair: Modeling, Animation, and Rendering”, course 33, SIGGRAPH 2007
  2. Organizer– “Introduction to Articulated Rigid Body Dynamics”, course 2, SIGGRAPH 2005
  3. Organizer– “Collision Detection and Proximity Queries”, course 14, SIGGRAPH 2004
  4. Presenter– “Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, And Rendering”, course 9, SIGGRAPH 2004
  5. Presenter– “Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, and Rendering”, course 34, SIGGRAPH 2003


  1. Sunil Hadap, “Hair Simulation”, PhD Dissertation, 2003
  2. Sunil Hadap, “Design of Robotics Teaching Aid”, Master of Design Thesis, 1995
  3. Sunil Hadap, “Design of Weather Data Collection Platform”, Master of Design Thesis, 1995
  4. Sunil Hadap, “Multi-block Grid Generation Toolkit”, Bachelor of Technology Thesis, 1993

Invited Talks

  1. “DAEs in Solution of Stiff Articulated Body Dynamics”, Honda Research, USA, 2004
  2. “Games Development”, Intel’s Developer Conference, India, 1997

My Publications

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Bristle Tip and Mixer Brush

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