Xue Bai

Senior Research Engineer


Xue is a Research Engineer with a focus on computer vision, image/video processing, computational photography and machine learning. He is passionate at turning innovative ideas into practical solutions in products.

Xue completed his PhD at University of Minnesota, under the supervision of Guillermo Sapiro. He did two internships in Adobe Research on video object segmentation and matting. His work was transferred into numerous Adobe products as major features, including Roto Brush (After Effects), Refine Edge (After Effects), Fast Video Dehaze (Premiere Elements), Boundary Warp (Lightroom), Auto IBL (Dimension), Key Cleaner (After Effects), Camera Shake Deblur (After Effects), etc.

Before coming back to Adobe, Xue worked on mobile applications at Face++ (the leading Chinese AI startup) where he shipped AI-powered Android camera apps that are being used by millions of mobile phone users.

For more information, please visit his personal webpage.