Join Adobe Research

Scientists and Engineers – San Jose (CA), San Francisco (CA), Seattle (WA), Cambridge (MA)

We are looking for full-time scientists and engineers who are excited to advance the state of the art in technologies of interest to Adobe and the research community at large: Computer Graphics; Computer Vision and Image Understanding; Advanced Image Processing; Computational Imaging; Audio; Video; HCI and Social Computing; 3D Modeling and Rendering; 3D Scanning and Appearance Acquisition Hardware and Algorithms; Computational Photography and Next Generation User Experiences; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Natural-Language Processing and Interfaces; Virtual Reality Systems; Artificial Intelligence; Security; Information Visualization; Programming Languages; Statistical Modeling and Inferring; Information Retrieval; Large Scale Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing; Econometrics and Quantitative Marketing; Applied Game Theory and Mechanism Design; Web Analytics; Data Science; Operations Research and Optimization.

As a scientist or engineer, you will have the flexibility to choose your own projects, collaborate broadly with students and peers in academia, and have access to large datasets and cutting edge equipment. Both scientists and engineers enjoy the many opportunities to transfer research into Adobe products. We have found that collaborations between passionate researchers and passionate engineers lead to great things, and so we are actively seeking stand-out candidates in both of these areas. For both roles, Adobe Research highly values curiosity, imagination, and perseverance in creating new technologies that will impact the lives of millions.

To apply for either full-time role, please send your CV, research statement (or cover letter), list of publications, and a short list of references to