Koyel Mukherjee

Research Scientist II


My research interests are primarily in Algorithms and Optimization, with a focus on scheduling, resource allocation, cost and performance optimization problems. I am also interested in neural networks and predictive modelling, and in particular, in automating and generalising training algorithms for deep neural networks.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park in December, 2013. Prior to Adobe, I have been with Xerox Research (2014-2016), IBM Research (2017-2020) and Games24x7 (2020-2021).

In Adobe, I am currently working in the Systems area, designing algorithms and models for optimising costs as well as performance for data storage. I am also interested in Data Summarization and Data Story Telling from an algorithmic viewpoint.

Apart from work, I love travelling, music and spending time with my family.


R2D2: Reducing Redundancy and Duplication in Data Lakes

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Approximate Caching for Efficiently Serving Diffusion Models

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Flash: Concept Drift Adaptation in Federated Learning

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Towards Optimizing Storage Costs on the Cloud

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