Rajiv is a Senior Researcher at Adobe Research. His interests include computer vision, document image analysis, machine learning, media forensics, and distributed systems.

Prior to joining Adobe, Rajiv worked as a researcher for the Department of Defense on projects for large scale systems, computer vision, and network security. He received his PhD in computer science from the University of Maryland and went to Virginia Tech as an undergrad.



DocScript: New Task, Dataset, and Models for Document-level Script Event Prediction

Mathur, P., Morariu, V., Garimella, A., Dernoncourt, F., Gu, J., Sawhney, R., Nakov, P., Manocha, D., Jain, R. (May. 25, 2024)


DocEdit: Language-guided Document Editing

Mathur, P., Jain, R., Gu, J., Dernoncourt, F., Manocha, D., Morariu, V. (Feb. 14, 2023)

AAAI 2023

LayerDoc: Layer-wise Extraction of Spatial Hierarchical Structure in Visually-Rich Documents

Mathur, P., Jain, R., Mehra, A., Gu, J., Dernoncourt, F., Natarajan, A., Tran, Q., Kaynig-Fittkau, V., Nenkova, A., Manocha, D., Morariu, V. (Jan. 6, 2023)

WACV 2023

User-Entity Differential Privacy in Learning Natural Language Models

Lai, P., Phan, N., Sun, T., Jain, R., Dernoncourt, F., Gu, J., Barmpalios, N. (Dec. 20, 2022)

2022 IEEE International Conference on Big Data

Readability Research: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Beier, S., Berlow, S., Boucaud, E., Bylinskii, Z., Cai, T., Cohn, J., Crowley, K., Day, S., Dingler, T., Dobres, J., Healey, J., Jain, R., Jordan, M., Kerr, B., Li, Q., Miller, D., Nobles, S., Papoutsaki, A., Qian, J., Rezvanian, T., Rodrigo, S., Sawyer, B., Sheppard, S., Stein, B., Trietman, R., Vanek, J., Wallace, S., Wolfe, B. (Dec. 1, 2022)

Foundations and Trends in Human–Computer Interaction

Keyphrase Prediction from Video Transcripts: New Dataset and Directions

Veyseh, A., Tran, Q., Yoon, D., Manjunatha, V., Deilamsalehy, H., Jain, R., Bui, T., Chang, W., Dernoncourt, F., Nguyen, T. (Oct. 17, 2022)


MACRONYM: A Large-Scale Dataset for Multilingual and Multi-Domain Acronym Extraction

Veyseh, A., Meister, N., Yoon, D., Jain, R., Dernoncourt, F., Nguyen, T. (Oct. 17, 2022)


DocLayoutTTS: Dataset and Baselines for Layout-informed Document-level Neural Speech Synthesis

Mathur, P., Dernoncourt, F., Tran, Q., Gu, J., Nenkova, A., Morariu, V., Jain, R., Manocha, D. (Sep. 22, 2022)

Interspeech 2022

DocTime: A Document-level Temporal Dependency Graph Parser

Mathur, P., Morariu, V., Kaynig-Fittkau, V., Gu, J., Dernoncourt, F., Tran, Q., Nenkova, A., Manocha, D., Jain, R. (Jul. 15, 2022)

NAACL 2022

IGA: An Intent-Guided Authoring Assistant

Sun, S., Zhao, W., Manjunatha, V., Jain, R., Morariu, V., Dernoncourt, F., Srinivasan, B., Iyyer, M. (Nov. 9, 2021)

EMNLP 2021

ClauseRec: A Clause Recommendation Framework for AI-aided Contract Authoring

Aggarwal, V., Garimella, A., Srinivasan, B., Natarajan, A., Jain, R. (Nov. 7, 2021)

Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)

Syntopical Graphs for Computational Argumentation Tasks

Barrow, J., Jain, R., Lipka, N., Dernoncourt, F., Morariu, V., Manjunatha, V., Oard, D., Resnik, P., Wachsmuth, H. (Aug. 4, 2021)

ACL 2021

TIMERS: Document-level Temporal Relation Extraction

Mathur, P., Jain, R., Dernoncourt, F., Morariu, V., Tran, Q., Manocha, D. (Aug. 4, 2021)

ACL 2021

Towards Interpreting and Mitigating Shortcut Learning Behavior of NLU models

Du, M., Manjunatha, V., Jain, R., Deshpande, R., Dernoncourt, F., Gu, J., Sun, T., Hu, X. (Jun. 11, 2021)

NAACL 2021

Inducing Rich Interaction Structures between Words for Document-level Event Argument Extraction

Veyseh, A., Dernoncourt, F., Tran, Q., Manjunatha, V., Wang, L., Jain, R., Kim, D., Chang, W., Nguyen, T. (May. 14, 2021)

PAKDD 2021

Mitigating the Effects of Reading Interruptions by Providing Reviews and Previews

Srivastava, N., Jain, R., Healey, J., Bylinskii, Z., Dingler, T. (May. 8, 2021)

ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Extended Abstracts (CHI'EA)

Text and Style Conditioned GAN for Generation of Offline Handwriting Lines

Davis, B., Tensmeyer, C., Price, B., Wigington, C., Morse, B., Jain, R. (Sep. 7, 2020)

British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC)