Rapid Dialogue Prototyping Methodology

In Text, Speech and Dialogue, LNCS 3206, 2004, pp 579-586

Publication date: September 1, 2004

Trung Bui, M. Rajman, M. Melichar

This paper is about the automated production of dialogue models. The goal is to propose and validate a methodology that allows the production of finalized dialogue models (i.e. dialogue models specific for given applications) in a few hours. The solution we propose for such a methodology, called the Rapid Dialogue Prototyping Methodology (RDPM), is decomposed into five consecutive main steps, namely: (1) producing the task model; (2) deriving the initial dialogue model; (3) using a Wizard-of-Oz experiment to instantiate the initial dialogue model; (4) using an internal field test to refine the dialogue model; and (5) using an external field test to evaluate the final dialogue model. All five steps will be described in more detail in the document.

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