Vladimir Kim

Senior Research Scientist


I work on geometry analysis algorithms at the intersection of graphics, vision, and machine learning, enabling novel interfaces for creative tasks. My recent research focuses on making it easier to understand, model, manipulate, and process geometric data such as models of 3D objects, interior environments, articulated characters, and fonts.

Visit my personal webpage for more details and recent publications.

My Publications

Photometric Mesh Optimization for Video-Aligned 3D Object Reconstruction

Hsuan-Lin, C., Wang, O., Russell, B., Shechtman, E., Kim, V., Fisher, M., Lucey, S., Shechtman, S. (Jun. 18, 2019)
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'19)

Learning to Generate Textures on 3D Meshes

Raj, A., Ham, C., Barnes, C., Hays, J., Kim, V., Lu, J. (Jun. 15, 2019)
Best paper award CVPR 2019 Workshop on Deep Generative models for 3D understanding

OptCuts: Joint Optimization of Surface Cuts and Parameterization

Li, M., Kaufman, D., Kim, V., Solomon, J., Sheffer, A. (Nov. 15, 2018)

3D-CODED : 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation

Groueix, T., Fisher, M., Kim, V., Russell, B., Aubry, M. (Sep. 16, 2018)

ToonSynth: Example-Based Synthesis of Hand-Colored Cartoon Animations

Dvorožňák, M., Li, W., Kim, V., Sýkora, D., Kim, K. (Aug. 1, 2018)

AtlasNet: A Papier-Mâché Approach to Learning 3D Surface Generation

Groueix, T., Fisher, M., Kim, V., Russell, B., Aubry, M. (Jul. 2, 2018)
Spotlight CVPR

Multi-Content GAN for Few-Shot Font Style Transfer

Azadi, S., Fisher, M., Kim, V., Wang, Z., Shechtman, E., Darrell, T. (Jun. 21, 2018)
(Spotlight) IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR'18)

Learning Material-Aware Local Descriptors for 3D Shapes

Lin, H., Averkiou, M., Kalogerakis, E., Kovacs, B., Ranade, S., Kim, V., Chaudhuri, S., Bala, K. (Jun. 15, 2018)

SEETHROUGH: Finding Objects in Heavily Occluded Indoor Scene Images

Hueting, M., Reddy, P., Yumer, E., Kim, V., Carr, N., Mitra, N. (Jun. 15, 2018)
Oral 3DV

Learning A Stroke-Based Representation for Fonts

Balashova, E., Bermano, A., Kim, V., DiVerdi, S., Hertzmann, A., Funkhouser, T. (May. 31, 2018)
Computer Graphics Forum

Learning Fuzzy Set Representations of Partial Shapes on Dual Embedding Spaces

Sung, M., Dubrovina, A., Kim, V., Guibas, L. (May. 31, 2018)
Symposium on Geometry Processing

ToonCap: A Layered Deformable Model for Capturing Poses From Cartoon Characters

Fan, X., Bermano, A., Kim, V., Popović, J., Rusinkiewicz, S. (May. 31, 2018)

ComplementMe: Weakly-Supervised Component Suggestions for 3D Modeling

Sung, M., Su, H., Kim, V., Chaudhuri, S., Guibas, L. (Nov. 30, 2017)

GWCNN: A Metric Alignment Layer for Deep Shape Analysis

Ezuz, D., Solomon, J., Kim, V., Ben-Chen, M. (Sep. 1, 2017)
Symposium On Geometry Processing

Convolutional Neural Networks on Surfaces via Seamless Toric Covers

Maron, H., Galun, M., Aigerman, N., Trope, M., Dym, N., Yumer, E., Kim, V., Lipman, Y. (Aug. 31, 2017)

A Scalable Active Framework for Region Annotation in 3D Shape Collections

Yi, L., Kim, V., Ceylan, D., Shen, I., Yan, M., Su, H., Lu, C., Huang, Q., Sheffer, A., Guibas, L. (Dec. 1, 2016)
ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings SIGGRAPH Asia)

Physics-driven Pattern Adjustment for Direct 3D Garment Editing

Bartle, A., Sheffer, A., Kim, V., Kaufman, D., Vining, N., Berthouzoz, F. (Aug. 1, 2016)

Entropic Metric Alignment for Correspondence Problems

Solomon, J., Peyre, G., Kim, V., Sra, S. (Aug. 1, 2016)

Data-Driven Structural Priors for Shape Completion

Sung, M., Kim, V., Angst, R., Guibas, L. (Nov. 1, 2015)

Autocorrelation Descriptor for Efficient Co-alignment of 3D Shape Collections

Averkiou, M., Kim, V., Mitra, N. (Jan. 1, 2015)
Computer Graphics Forum

Creating Consistent Scene Graphs Using a Probabilistic Grammar

Liu, T., Chaudhuri, S., Kim, V., Huang, Q., Mitra, N., Funkhouser, T. (Nov. 1, 2014)

Shape2Pose: Human-Centric Shape Analysis

Kim, V., Chaudhuri, S., Guibas, L., Funkhouser, T. (Aug. 1, 2014)

ShapeSynth: Parameterizing Model Collections for Coupled Shape Exploration and Synthesis

Averkiou, M., Kim, V., Zheng, Y., Mitra, N. (Jan. 1, 2014)

Exploring Collections of 3D Models using Fuzzy Correspondences

Kim, V., Li, W., Mitra, N., DiVerdi, S., Funkhouser, T. (Aug. 31, 2012)

Simple Formulas For Quasiconformal Plane Deformations

Lipman, Y., Kim, V., Funkhouser, T. (Jul. 5, 2012)
ACM Transactions on Graphics

Finding Surface Correspondences Using Symmetry Axis Curves

Liu, T., Kim, V., Funkhouser, T. (Jul. 1, 2012)
Symposium on Geometry Processing

Symmetry-Guided Texture Synthesis and Manipulation

Kim, V., Lipman, Y., Funkhouser, T. (Jul. 1, 2012)
ACM Transactions on Graphics

Blended Intrinsic Maps

Kim, V., Lipman, Y., Funkhouser, T. (Aug. 1, 2011)

Möbius Transformations for Global Intrinsic Symmetry Analysis

Kim, V., Lipman, Y., Chen, X., Funkhouser, T. (Jul. 28, 2010)
Symposium on Geometry Processing

Shape-based Recognition of 3D Point Clouds in Urban Environments

Golovinskiy, A., Kim, V., Funkhouser, T. (Jun. 1, 2009)