Li-Yi Wei

Interactive Graphics Researcher

San Jose


Below are some works I have done with Adobe. More information can be found under my personal website.

The official website for internship application is here. If you are interested in graphics or HCI, feel free to contact me, with a brief description of your research interests.



DrawTalking: Towards Building Interactive Worlds by Sketching and Speaking

Rosenberg, K., Habib, R., Wei, L., Xia, H., Perlin, K. (May. 11, 2024)

CHI 2024 late breaking work

Elastica: Adaptive Live Augmented Presentations with Elastic Mappings Across Modalities

Cao, Y., Habib, R., Wei, L., Aneja, D., Xia, H. (May. 11, 2024)

CHI 2024

iPose: Interactive Human Pose Reconstruction from Video

Liu, J., Wei, L., Shamir, A., Igarashi, T. (May. 11, 2024)

CHI 2024

Automated Conversion of Music Videos into Lyric Videos

Ma, J., Rao, A., Wei, L., Habib, R., Shin, H., Agrawala, M. (Oct. 29, 2023)

UIST 2023

Ciallo: the next-generation vector paint program

Ciao, S., Wei, L. (Aug. 7, 2023)

SIGGRAPH 2023 talk

PoseCoach: A Customizable Analysis and Visualization System for Video-based Running Coaching

Liu, J., Saquib, N., Chen, Z., Habib, R., Wei, L., Fu, H., Tai, C. (Dec. 20, 2022)


Clustered Vector Textures

Tu, P., Wei, L., Zwicker, M. (Aug. 7, 2022)


A Layered Authoring Tool for Creating Stylized 3D Animations

Ma, J., Wei, L., Habib, R. (Apr. 30, 2022)

CHI 2022

Instant Reality: Gaze-Contingent Perceptual Optimization for 3D Virtual Reality Streaming

Chen, S., Duinkharjav, B., Sun, X., Wei, L., Petrangeli, S., Echevarria, J., Silva, C., Sun, Q. (Jan. 8, 2022)


Autocomplete Repetitive Stroking with Image Guidance

Wei, L. (Dec. 14, 2021)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Technical Communications

StreamSketch: Exploring Multi-Modal Interactions in Creative Live Streams

Lu, Z., Habib, R., Wei, L., Dontcheva, M., Karahalios, K., Wei, L. (Oct. 23, 2021)

CSCW 2021

Constructing Embodied Algebra by Sketching

Saquib, N., Habib, R., Wei, L., Mark, G., Roy, D., Wei, L. (May. 8, 2021)

CHI 2021

Beyond Show of Hands: Engaging Viewers via Expressive and Scalable Visual Communication in Live Streaming

Chung, J., Shin, H., Xia, H., Wei, L., Habib, R. (May. 8, 2021)

CHI 2021

Simple Methods to Represent Shapes with Sample Spheres

Wei, L., Anand, A., Kumar, S., Beri, T., Wei, W. (Dec. 4, 2020)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Technical Communications

Spherical Light Integration over Spherical Caps via Spherical Harmonics

Zhou, Z., Wei, L. (Dec. 4, 2020)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020 Technical Communications

Continuous Curve Textures

Tu, P., Wei, L., Yatani, K., Igarashi, T., Zwicker, M. (Nov. 18, 2020)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

RealitySketch: Embedding Responsive Graphics and Visualizations in AR through Dynamic Sketching

Suzuki, R., Habib, R., Wei, L., DiVerdi, S., Li, W., Leithinger, D. (Oct. 20, 2020)

Best Paper Honorable Mention

UIST 2020

Autocomplete Animated Sculpting

Peng, M., Wei, L., Habib, R., Kim, V. (Oct. 20, 2020)

UIST 2020

Autocomplete Element Fields

Hsu, C., Wei, L., You, L., Zhang, J. (Apr. 24, 2020)

CHI 2020

Reducing Simulator Sickness with Perceptual Camera Control

Hu, P., Sun, Q., Didyk, P., Wei, L., Kaufman, A. (Nov. 16, 2019)

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

Learning to Reconstruct 3D Manhattan Wireframes from a Single Image

Zhou, Y., Qi, H., Zhai, S., Sun, Q., Chen, Z., Wei, L., Ma, Y. (Oct. 27, 2019)

ICCV 2019

HairBrush for Immersive Data-Driven Hair Modeling

Xing, J., Nagano, K., Chen, W., Xu, H., Wei, L., Zhao, Y., Lu, J., Kim, B., Li, H. (Oct. 20, 2019)

SIGGRAPH 2019 Real-time Live and UIST 2019

A Transparent Display with Per-Pixel Color and Opacity Control

Rhodes, T., Miller, G., Sun, Q., Ito, D., Wei, L. (Jul. 28, 2019)

SIGGRAPH 2019 Emerging Technologies

Interactive Body-Driven Graphics for Augmented Video Performance

Saquib, N., Habib, R., Wei, L., Li, W. (May. 2, 2019)

CHI 2019

Towards Virtual Reality Infinite Walking: Dynamic Saccadic Redirection

Sun, Q., Patney, A., Wei, L., Shapira, O., Lu, J., Asente, P., Zhu, S., McGuire, M., Luebke, D., Kaufman, A. (Aug. 12, 2018)

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH) 2018

Autocomplete 3D Sculpting

Peng, M., Xing, J., Wei, L. (Aug. 12, 2018)

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH) 2018

Spoke Darts for High-Dimensional Blue Noise Sampling

Mitchell, S., Ebeida, M., Awad, M., Park, C., Patney, A., Rushdi, A., Swiler, L., Manocha, D., Wei, L. (Jul. 2, 2018)

ACM Transactions on Graphics

Tile-based Pattern Design with Topology Control

Bian, X., Wei, L., Lefebvre, S. (May. 15, 2018)

I3D 2018